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Don't Forget!

We are RIBA chartered and P.I. Insured so you know you'll be in safe, affordable hands.

How We Work

We work to the RIBA fee plan for pricing work-stages, All projects are broken down into 5 stages. You can use all or only the relevant stages for your project. We always visit you on site to discuss the project, offer advice and asses the works. This stage is always free of charge, it allows us to evaluate the works and set a fee price for the relevant stages. This fee quote is then posted to you for agreement, once it is signed we can then move onto the next stage.

The fees are set at this point and we invoice for each stage once we have completed the designs and you are happy with them. Again you may only need Planning and basic Building regulation applications, that is fine with us, we only do what you ask us and feel that is needed. However we can produce a full ‘turn-key’ project where we design and manage the contract on site through to completion, again the choice is yours.

We can also set a contract between you and your Builder setting contract sums, payment schedules and completion dates, ensuring all parties are protected throughout the project, a small consideration but vital to ensure works are carried out efficiently and on time.

To sum up we offer a service to suit you and your budget, we will advise and act on your behalf on as much as you want us to. Please do not hesitate to call and discuss your project further.